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Hemodialisis, Renal & Hypertension

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Royal Progress Hospital Hemodialysis Clinic provides hemodialysis (dialysis) services for outpatients and inpatients with kidney and hypertension sub-specialists, general practitioners and experienced certified nurses.

The advantages of Hemodialysis services at Royal Progress Hospital are:

1. A dedicated team of doctors ready to handle patient complaints in the Hemodialysis unit.
2. Intensive and integrated care provided during the treatment.
3. Regular monitoring of patient health.
4. Welcoming patients with a history of hepatitis B & C.

By prioritizing patient safety and comfort, Royal Progress provides the best facilities such as 24-hour emergency & ambulance services and inpatient rooms at affordable prices.


Excellent Facilities:

  • Competent, certified and experienced medical personnel
  • Renal-Hypertension sub specialist doctor
  • Certified internal medicine doctor & nurse
  • 24 hours Emergency, HND, ICU and Ambulance Services
  • Hemodialysis machine with touchscreen technology from Germany

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