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Exclusive Hemodialysis

The Hemodialysis Clinic at Royal Progress Hospital provides dialysis services for outpatient and inpatient patients with the support of sub-specialist kidney and hypertension doctors, general practitioners, and experienced, certified nurses.
Hemodialysis - Royal Progress Hospital
Hemodialysis, often referred to as dialysis, is a blood purification treatment for chronic kidney failure patients. This dialysis therapy utilizes a machine to cleanse the blood of metabolic waste, fluids, and sodium due to impaired kidney function. Early therapy involves the use of a machine (dialyzer) acting as an artificial kidney, circulating blood outside the body. It then filters waste substances and balances electrolytes and essential minerals such as calcium and potassium.

The expert and trained medical team at Royal Progress Hospital provides close supervision and intensive care to dialysis patients, including regular health monitoring. We ensure that our hemodialysis facilities are equipped with modern and safe equipment, meeting strict health and safety standards, thus ensuring patients feel secure and calm during the hemodialysis process.
Exclusive Hemodialysis Package
Royal Progress Hospital offers quality hemodialysis packages and services with various facility options, including VIP, VVIP, and Premiere rooms designed to meet the individual needs of patients.

Additionally, VIP, VVIP, and Premiere patients will receive one meal with a choice of Indonesian or Western menu for VIP and VVIP patients, and a choice of Indonesian, Western, or Japanese menu for Premiere patients.

Hemodialysis Package VIP - Single Use

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Hemodialysis Package VVIP - Single Use

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Hemodialysis Package Premiere - Single Use

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Terms & Conditions of Hemodialysis Package :
Patients are required to make a minimum of 1-day agreement before the procedure.
Package purchases cannot be transferred.
Hemodialysis procedure leave is maximum 1 month, if longer than 1 month then the deposit will be forfeited.
In case of complications and difficulties, the package rate is considered void, and non-package rates apply.
The package does not include doctor consultations, hemodialysis screening, medications, laboratory, and radiology.
Deposit will be refunded if the patient passes away with a death certificate.
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