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Royal Sports Medicine Centre

With comprehensive services, we are committed to providing the best and sustainable medical solutions to support athletes and sports enthusiasts in returning to their sporting activities. Our goal is to enhance modern, healthy, and high-quality lifestyles.

Serve with Loving Kindness

Our doctors have 13+ years of experience and specialize in joint inflammation, fractures, osteoporosis, and sports injuries. Our specialized physicians collaborate seamlessly with experts from various fields for comprehensive treatment from consultation to post-operative care.
Orthopedic & Arthroplasty
Sports Medicine

We Provide The Best Service For You

Experienced Doctors with >15 Years of Expertise
Comprehensive Treatment
Trusted by Professional Athletes
Complete Facilities
Transparent Administration

Our Management & Procedures

• Arthroscopy & reconstructive surgery
• Orthopedic & sports medicine
• Weight management
• Sports massage & athlete spa
• Physiotherapy, gym, & personal trainer

Gym Facilities

• Leg extension
• Leg press
• V-bench
• Weight room
• Cardio static bike
• Treadmill
• Cross over
• Swiss ball


“My first child was born by caesarean here, and I am very satisfied. From pregnancy check-ups to birth everything was handled by Dr Andrew, the doctor joked a lot and answered all questions clearly. So I can calmly undergo surgery..”

5 stars
Corneola Cocita
Atlet Lari
“The first time entered the ER, the ER doctors and nurses were very responsive, until the inpatient treatment with BPJS was not difficult, the process was very fast and the admin was friendly. Arriving at the inpatient service, the doctors and nurses were very good...”
5 stars
Kukinary Jakarta
Atlet Lari
“From the emergency room staff to the inpatient room, everyone was kind and friendly.. the nurse in the emergency room was also friendly so that my child felt at home and didn't fuss about asking to go home.. thank you...”

5 stars
Winda Dwi
Atlet Lari
"I was treated for acute diarrhea before.
"Starting from the process from the emergency room to getting a room quickly... Doctors, nurses & facilities are really good, also the room is relatively new & spacious, those waiting are also comfortable with extra beds... thank you."
5 stars
Giovanno Sumayku
Atlet Lari
"Good facilities, good friendly and very good service. Then my child got free ice cream especially for patients under 5 years old. Comfortable and really helped the recovery process from illness. Thank you Royal Progress"

5 stars
Rahmad Fauzi
Atlet Lari
It's helpful stuff and kindness, thanks to Dr. Ayu in Hemodialysis. She was perfect and helped me to prepare my session as a tourist. And the nurse RichMan for his caring

5 stars
Abdullah Samkari
Atlet Lari