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Growth and Development

Bedah Ortopedi dan Traumatologi
Focusing on the growth and development of children according to their age, physical and mental abilities, the Growth and Development Clinic of the Royal Progress Hospital has various latest facilities to help ensure children can grow and develop nicely. The facilities owned are also supported by experts such as pediatricians who have special expertise in dealing with developmental and growth disorders of children.

In addition, in dealing with all complaints of child growth and development, the role of child psychiatrists, psychologists, and experienced therapists with domestic and foreign certificates is also useful to assist doctors in diagnosing and selecting the right therapy for children.


The general steps of treatment that will be carried out are:

  • Assessment of growth and development : is an initial examination for children who have complaints about growth and development. Usually this is done by pediatricians and child psychologists as the first stage of determining the growth and development disorders suffered by children.
  • Consultation with a pediatrician
  • Counseling and psychological testing of children : counseling or direction is generally carried out for children and adolescents with complaints of learning difficulties, lack of concentration, difficulty controlling emotions, difficulty socializing and others. Psychological consultation. Counseling is usually done using Play Therapy & Expressive Art Therapy
  • Counseling parents regarding parenting problems and others
  • IQ test & aptitude test
  • Follow up complaints about children's problems including complaints from parents and teachers
  • Seminars and parenting classes

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