dr. Muhammad Bakhtiar Rahmat Jati, SpJP (K)

Royal Cardiac Centre, Cardiology

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dr. Bakhtiar, SpJP(K) is known as a doctor who has 14 years of experience and has focused on being a Cardiologist since 2016. In that time, he mastered several operation procedure related to heart diseases such as catheterization, PCI, heart ring surgery, Doppler Vaskular and etc.


  • Cardiologist Fellow at National Cardiovascular Centre Harapan Kita 
  • Cardiologist Fellow of Shandong Provincial Hospital
  • Hermina Grand Wisata Hospital
  • Budhi Asih General Hospital
  • Garuda Sentra Medika (PT Garuda Indonesia, Tbk Healthcare Center)
  • Hermina Jatinegara Hospital


  • Trisakti University
  • University of Indonesia
  • Shandong Province Hospital, China (Fellowship Program)


  • Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI)
  • Indonesian Cardiology Association (PERKI)
  • Indonesian Cardiology Association Jakarta Branch (PERKI Jaya)


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Wednesday 18.30 - 20.30
Thursday 18.30 - 20.30
Friday -
Saturday 10.00 - 12.00